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Welcome to SwtOrion Traders! If you've got stuff laying around you house that you want to get rid of, you've come to the right place! We buy big lots of many items, simple contact us for a quote.

If you'd like to make more of a profit off of your junk, why not try an auction? We're experienced auction traders and will host auctions for you at eBay, Yahoo, or Amazon Auctions. We take care of all of the hassel--setting up the listings, contacting the buyer, handling payment--you just sit back and wait for the profits!

Sounds simple? It is! You can either send us the item so we can handle shipping, or we'll give you the information so you can ship the items yourself. We simply take a small 30% commission from the final bid to pay for this service. Please email us for more details, or to get your auctions going!

What We Provide:

  • Market Research - checking out what similar products are selling for will make sure we list your items at prices that will sell--the first time!
  • Custom Built Auction Ads - Buyers are impressed with classy, well-designed ads and will bid with confidence from you!
  • Experience - As an experienced auction seller, we know our way around eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, and ePier. We know how to handle customers well and close the sale with satisfied customers!
  • Auction Management - We'll take care of the auction from start to finish. We'll set up the auction and create your ad, and we'll answer bidders' questions. When the auction closes, we'll calculate shipping, collect payment, and ship the item(s) (if you've given them to us to ship--otherwise we'll give you the information for shipping). Once the auction is complete, we'll send you your profits as well.

What It Costs:

  • Listing Costs (Generally $0.50 to $5.00 depending upon the item, and the additional features you wish to use -- see these pages for selling fees for each site -- eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo)
  • 30% of the final bid price (before shipping)