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1 Year Photos

As Aaron turned one, he was pulling himself up, but not walking yet. Later that summer, he spotaneously began to walk...and then he was off...never to be heard from again!! First he celebrated his birthday, then Easter. Next came a visit to Grammy's to see Uncle Brian, Gran-Gran, and Paw-Paw. Then we saw Great Grandma Gageant and all of the Gageants at the Family Picnic. Then off to Goombah and Goomah's for their Pond Party. Phew, busy summer, Aaron! **Note: these pictures cover from Fall to Christmas 2001

gmanaswings.jpg gpanaswings2.jpg
Grandma & Aaron swing at the Family Picnic
Grandpa & Aaron try out the swings
jnab-suits.jpg upsidedownaaron.jpg
Momma and Aaron go swimming @ Goombah's pond
Aaron shows us how to do "Down Dog"
jenaaron.jpg laundry.jpg
Momma and Aaron @ Grammy's House
Aaron helps Grammy with the laundry
boutchou.jpg mommyscarf.jpg
Aaron, bundled up for winter
Aaron tries on Momma's scarf
ggmanaporch.jpg ggmanaporch2.jpg
Aaron sites with Great-Grandma Gageant on her porch
Aaron & Great Grandma on porch
chocolate.jpg christmas.jpg
Aaron gets down and dirty with some chocolate
Christmas @ Grandma & Grandpa's
dadshat.jpg aoncellp.jpg
Aaron tries out Dad's rain hat
Aaron chats on Grammy's cell phone
PB.jpg bigboybed.jpg
Messy Aaron easts PB&J
Aaron briefly tries a big boy bed

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