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1 Year Photos

As Aaron turned one, he was pulling himself up, but not walking yet. Later that summer, he spotaneously began to walk...and then he was off...never to be heard from again!! First he celebrated his birthday, then Easter. Next came a visit to Grammy's to see Uncle Brian, Gran-Gran, and Paw-Paw. Then we saw Great Grandma Gageant and all of the Gageants at the Family Picnic. Then off to Goombah and Goomah's for their Pond Party. Phew, busy summer, Aaron! **Note: these pictures cover from Spring to Fall 2001

easter01.jpg easter01-2.jpg
Aaron discovers Easter Eggs
Aaron decides he loves Easter Eggs
birthday.jpg birthday2.jpg
Aaron turns one - unwrapping gifts
Aaron eats his first birthday cake
drinking.jpg aincrib.jpg
Drinking and talented you are!
Aaron's a happy napper (sometimes!)
aline.jpg basket.jpg
Aaron sits on Gran-Gran
Can we have a picnic?
gmanamobile.jpg gpanaswings.jpg
Grandma shows Aaron Great-Grandma's mobile
Grandpa and Aaron look at the swings
angoombahbell.jpg ainpool.jpg
Aaron & Goombah ring the dinner bell
Aaron plays in his cool new pool at Goombah's
anjhorseride.jpg apickstomato.jpg
Aaron gets a horse ride at the flea market
Aaron picks a tomato for Goomah's dinner
banana.jpg aaronspainting.jpg
Aaron's daily intake of potassium
Aaron could be the next Monet?

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