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2 Year Photos

Aaron loved his birthday (and sung the birthday song to himself) this year! He's been growing by leaps and bounds and talks up a storm. He loves figuring out mechanical things and doing everything for himself. He's a great helper around the house too! Don't forget to sign his guestbook -- we add the entries to our baby book! **Note: these pictures cover from Fall of 2001 to Spring 2002

a2bdaycandles.jpg ainbtub.jpg
Aaron blows out his 2nd Birthday Candles
Aaron loves his bath
ainpoohchair.jpg ainrchair.jpg
Aaron lounges in his Pooh Chair
Aaron rocks with his friends
birthday02-bike.jpg aongoldenbday.jpg
Aaron is delighted with his new trike, from Goombah & Goomah
Aaron rides Golden, his new Rocking Horse from Grandma & Grandpa
anbriandishes.jpg angrangran.jpg
Aaron and Uncle Brian help wash dishes
Aaron enjoys being with Gran Gran
anjosh.jpg anjeremy.jpg
Aaron has fun with Josh
Aaron gets down on the floor with cousin Jeremy
awatering.jpg ayankeehat.jpg
Aaron waters the plants
Our Yankee Fan
dishbaby.jpg ainpoohchairread2.jpg
Aaron shows off his dishwashing tools
Our little reader
anjread.jpg antread.jpg
Momma and Aaron read together
Dada takes a reading break with Aaron and Paddington
anmonkey.jpg aonswings.jpg
Aaron and monkey pose for the camera
Aaron "Cool Dude" Richard swings
agraduate2.jpg graduationgroup.jpg
Aaron pretends to graduate with Momma's cap
Todd, Goombah (Bruce), Goomah (Cheryl), and Aaron @ Jenny's Graduation
aintube.jpg astool1.jpg
Aaron plays in a playground tube
"In Jail" - Aaron plays with our stepstool

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