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Romance Galore is a fantastic site dedicated to all things romance. Their offers are too expansive to link individually, so I suggest you check them out for free Valentine's Day wav sounds, images, postcards, advice, screensavers, games, activities and more. This is a regular love-a-rama. --- All-4-Free Freebie Tree

"For those of you who have never visited Romance Galore, it is a fun site that will put you on the road to romance with poetry, wav clips from romance movies, a relationship book library, a free advice column, and a monthly romance newsletter." --- The Hersh Web Site Observer #140 (August 26, 1998)

"A big grab bag of all things romantic, from sweet tips to games, from a newsletter to advice, from heartfelt poetry to romantic wav files!" --- Brenda Ross,'s Dating Guide

"This is a VERY fun (I like having my cursor turned into a beating heart thingee), and beautifully designed site devoted to romance. You'll find romantic tips and advice, romantic WAV files, and so much more here, you're going to want to bookmark this one and keep coming back." --- Romance Central

"Learn marriage advice and wedding tips from this collection of romance features." --- Excite's Web Guide

"Can't find the right words to say? No worries, this site has old and new ways to get mushy from some great romantic movies. Just borrow 'em until inspiration strikes you." ---

"Loads of romantic content!" ---

"Perfect for the romantic soul!" --- Irmine's Romantic Bookstore

"Discover what love is all about in this wonderful site!" ---

Featured in The ThirdAge in the article, "Keep Your Romance Healthy" on April 5, 1999

Featured in The ThirdAge in the article, "Letting Him Know" on April 19, 1999

Featured in The Twin Cities Internet Guide & Directory in the article, "Be Mine: Valentine's Day Web Ideas" in thier February 2000 issue