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Web Rings

Here are a host of romance web rings we belong to. We've joined these web rings so you are able to find tons of other romance sites easily and quickly. The rings below are presented in alphabetical order. Some of these are not fully functional yet. If you have a problem using one, please let us know by emailing

Rings Page One Includes the following rings:
Hope of RomanceThe Poetry Webring
The Romantic Heart WebringRomantic Love Ring
Romantic Movies RingRoses ~n~ Romance Ring
Siren's Romance RingThe Ring of Sleepless Knights
~Sun Moon & Stars~Sweet Talk Ring

Rings Page Two Includes the following rings:
The Beautiful Poetry WebringClassic Romance Ring
E-Zines & Web Promo RingForever Love Ring
French Kissed WebringRing of Romance
Ring of Romance TipsRing of Tests
World of Newsletters Ring

This The Hope Of Romance site owned by Jenny Richard.
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the poetry webring
Poetry Webring
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Romantic Heart
Ring Logo
This Romantic Heart Site owned by:
Jenny Richard

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This Romance Movies Webring site owned by

Jenny Richard.

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The Romantic Love Ring
This Romantic Love site
is run by Jenny Richard.

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The Romantic Love Ring

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This Siren's Romance Ring site is owned by
Jenny Richard.

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Sleepless Knights
This Site is in The Ring of Sleepless Knights

It is owned by
Jenny Richard

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This ~Sun, Moon & Stars~ site is owned by
Jenny Richard.

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