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8-10 Months Photos

These are pictures of Aaron from 8-10 months. At ten months he had six teeth showing (and two coming in), and was just learning he can pull himself up to stand. He was twenty pounds and twenty-eight inches long and doing well. Don't forget to sign Aaron's guestbook and tell him hello!

happybaby.jpg laundry.jpg
Aaron happy with his Mom
Aaron helps with the laundry
wheresdinner.jpg bookworm.jpg
Where's my dinner?
Aaron reading his books
turtle.jpg theguys.jpg
Aaron carrying his shell
Aaron with Todd and Bruce (Goombah)
drivingschool.jpg mailboy.jpg
Aaron learns to drive
Box o' Baby
pianoman.jpg tastyfeet.jpg
Aaron playing his piano
My, I have tasty feet
bedstand.jpg caught.jpg
Aaron after he's dressed
I wasn't going in there, really

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