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Here are some links you might be interested in if you love Hoyle, Flipside, and the Facemaker!

Face Tools
Face Genie - Download this program to create lots of neat faces with special effects.
Stone Cold Killer Secrets - You'll find everything you need to know about manipulating faces here.

Face Sites
Beyond_Crazy1's Place - Billy and Kathy present pages of interesting faces, including patriotic faces.
LAFlipFaces - Another site by Billy and Kathy, this site has masked and stripping faces.
Flipside Gin - Faces - quite a few interesting faces available here.
Art by Abbe - Facemaker - has faces with extra hair, tattoos, and winkers.
Fun Things for Flipside - includes lots of faces and .wav files for use with Flipside.
Flippin Fun - graphics take a while to load, but it's worth the wait - lots of great faces here.
Sylvia's Faces - site graphics are a little distracting, but there are lots of cool faces here.
Face Place - an awesome collection of faces - even has special holiday faces!
Gbooda's Faces - graphics take a bit of time to load, but there are a ton of faces here.
2 Worlds of Faces - many faces to download here. most are on the main page so it takes a bit to load.
SwedishQ - faces are nicely categorized. lots to choose from here.
Galaxy Faces - many pages of faces. download a few, or submit your own creations.
J & J's Face Palace - some pretty neat faces here!
Ace Warrior's Faces - a nice collection of men, women, and "weird" faces.
SnowWhiteDove's Face Palace - tons of faces to download - lots of unique ones here.
Just Face It - a great variety of trick faces, well categorized.
Crazy Grrrls Faces - a good collection of faces using a lot of the newer hair.
LES PLAMOORE - The site design is a little...shall we say eyecatching? But, there are lots of nice faces here.

Flipside Help
Rockin G - Flip Trouble - will help you log into Hoyle games easier.
SwtOGirl's Face Art - Get Your Face Back - directions for restoring your faces.
Flipside Help - the official site's help page.

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