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   Ocassionally, we run across a new book, video, or CD we just have to tell you about. Below we've written short reviews of these products and added links to where you can buy each. If you've tried any of these products and would like to give us your own opinion, please email us

Rating System
= Rent it, but don't buy it
= Ok, but I've seen better
= Worth buying
= A must for any romantic

Older Love by Warren Hanson   Older Love

   In a time when youth is highly valued, Older Love points out the wonderful benefits of experience and the worth of long-lasting love. Older love is the peace and security of truly knowing and loving another person wholly. As author Warren Hanson states in his book, "passionate young lovers become passionate old friends." Hanson teaches us, by example, that romance and passion don't have to fade as love grows older.
   With our country's divorce rate at 50%, it's great to see a book honoring relationships that don't fail but survive and flourish through the years. Older Love encourages young couples to strive to keep the romance and love growing as the years pass. For older couples, it reminds them of the great value of their relationships.
   Hanson has filled this book with inspiring poetry and beautiful, poignant illustrations. It would make an excellent anniversary gift for a couple who has developed that "older love." For a young couple, possibly newlyweds, this would be an excellent gift of encouragement and hope for the future.

See it at Amazon

Sonnet by Oberon   Sonnet

   This CD is unique and a must for all romantics! It's a combination of spoken word, classical, and new age music. Selected reading from Shakespeare's sonnets are paired with soothing, light-hearted music that compliments the theme of each sonnet. This CD would be perfect for setting a romantic mood, or as the background for a moonlight picnic. Sonnet is a wonderful addition to your collection of romantic CDs.
Listen to it at Amazon